Auditing Help

2020-05-05 - Add a new user control and NEW pages to your auditing system on the 2019 - 2020 CIS Systems. These two videos show you how to do it your self and save a bundle of bucks.

Video on Adding Auditing Using your Own Check Lists:


NEW FOR 2021

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There is a Table of Contents (TOC) in this video so you may jump ahead or back to interesting parts.

The TOC will appear when your curser is in the video and disappear when your curser is clicked outside the video so it does not block content.

Auditing System 2021

Performing Supplier Audits

Advanced Customization for CIS Administrator

Only Available for Users of FULL CIS VERSION. If you require any of these features and you have only the Auditing/Documentation App, please contact CIS Software at Click Here